Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Stub: The Cricketers Arms Hotel in Port Melbourne

As I need to leave for the airport shortly, I thought I would do a quick post about somewhere that I found recently where it doesn't seem appropriate to compose the same amount of prose that you would find in the first chapter of a Charles Dickens novel - like you will find in my other blog posts.

After my visit to NSHRY the other week, I found myself staggering into The Cricketers Arms Hotel in Port Melbourne. It is truly a hole in a wall, found on Cruikshank Street, which is a residential area. Locals and old timers prop up the bar. The hounds race on Sky however there are no TAB facilities. Everyone seems to know everyone else. We stumbled in to this place on the walk back to the CBD and just wanted one beer, which seemed like a prerequisite for the long walk back. However if I did not go on the hunt for the toilet, I would never have come across the beer garden out back.

What a great outdoor area. There is a bar outside, televisions and ample room for about 100 people. Two spits were working away. One had a pig and the other a lamb twirling about, being cooked for the evening festivities. A plate of the respective beast is $15 and a roll is $7.50. I wanted to hold out for a roll, which required about four more beers before it was served. It was great and worth chilling out outside on the balmy spring evening (which was the only one so far this season) having pleasant conversation and just enjoying life.

The lesson learned though is to get in the queue early to get your allocation of the beast otherwise the wait is pretty long as my mate found out.

I would recommend visiting this hole in the wall if you are in the area. It was a fun and relaxing experience.

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