Saturday, 29 September 2012

NSHRY - Nosh the Umami

NSHRY, pronounced "Noshery" at the beach at Albert Park on Beaconsfield Parade lives up to the literal translation of the word "Nosh" - to eat food enthusiastically or greedily: "you can nosh to your heart's content"; "noshing my favourite food".

One of their specialities, the Umami Burger, is now one of my favourite foods.

When it was a warm and sunny day last week, my only requirement for the afternoon was to get to the beach, enjoy some food, beer and conversation and take advantage of the first truly warm day in Melbourne since I moved here five months ago. As I had walked past NSHRY about fifty times en route to get coffee in St Kilda, this place stood out, along with Sandbar, as ideal locations to diddle the afternoon away in the sun.

The restaurant has a contained outdoor area that is ideal for pleasant days. We arrived very close to noon with the intention of securing an outdoor table without a booking and managed to procure the last one. After a bottle of water and menus were delivered, we immediately ordered cider and beer, kicked back and enjoyed the day. After walking to the restaurant from Southbank via Bay Street, I had developed quite a thirst.

I have read about the Umami Burger elsewhere and have only heard good things about it so I placed the order whilst I sucked back my second bottle of Beez Neez. Service remained consistent and attentive as we systematically polished off bottles of alcohol and they were quickly replaced along with freshly chilled glasses.

The Umami Burger was amazing. I know in the past I have raved about the various offerings at Andrew's Hamburgers, which is not far away from NSHRY as the crow flies and also what is served at Huxtaburger, but this wagyu burger was amazing. Not only the rich tastes of flesh that was prepared a perfect medium rare, but the bun, sweet and sumptuous like Jennifer Hawkin's bum left me mesmerised. The chips and slaw that accompanied this act of perfection which was presented wonderfully encouraged me to break one of my cardinal rules and take a photo. I sent a tweet about it on the day and the photograph can be found here

Despite spending three hours outside at NSHRY, the server remained cheerful and very helpful. We never went dry or wanting and we were always made to feel as if it would be no problem if we hung out indefinitely. On another warm sunny day, I look forward to returning to NSHRY and given that we should experience at least a full season of sunny and warm days in the not too distant future, they will have to stock up on cases of Beez Neez to placate this hungry, thirsty and satisfied diner.

NSHRY, Albert Park
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129A Beaconsfield Pde, Albert Park VIC 3206
(03) 9682 1077
My Rating: 14/20
Service: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Quality: 3.5/5
Value For Money: 3.5/5
Comment: Umami Burger for the win

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When I made this post originally, 85% of the reviewers on Urbanspoon also liked NSHRY.

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