Scores, Links and Weighted Rankings for All Restaurants and Bars Reviewed

The table below represents the scores given to the restaurants and bars reviewed on The Epicurean of Southbank blog for the 12 months between July 2012 and June 2013. The ratings reflect the scores given at the end of the respective post and are detailed here for reference purposes.

The Weighted Ranking is calculated using my personal criteria:
  • Service is 30% of my total experience,
  • Ambiance is 25% of my total experience,
  • Quality (of both food and beverage) is 35% of my total experience,
  • Value is the "Value for Money" and equates to 10% of my total experience,
  • The Weighted Ranking is automatically calculated using these percentages and assists in providing a true ranking system as per my personal criteria.
  • Click on the name of the restaurant or the name of the bar to be taken to the latest blog post,
  • If a "1" is assigned to Service, it means that no service is available and you must order from the counter or simply an item is brought to you without further consultation. This variable does not indicate that Service is shocking, but it is just not available,
  • If a "0" is assigned for whatever reason, something shocking has happened and it is reflected in the blog post,
  • Scores and Weighted Rankings are provided below for the most current review on the blog.
  • Service, Ambiance, Quality and Value are all rated with a top score being 5, where a perfect score for "My Rating" would be 20.
  • Restaurants and bars that have "n/a" rankings simply mean that there is not enough data or the place isn't suitable to be ranked.

Entries removed and additional information:

Shed 5 - Removed as it is being renovated and will re-open as a new venture June 2013
Walter's Wine Bar - Removed as it ceased trading as of 30 June 2013Virginia Plain - Removed as it was reborn as Mercy Bar + Eatery June 2013
The Press Club - Closed and has been reborn as Gazi Restaurant. March 2013
My Mexican Cousin - Closed. March 2013.
Der Raum - As it has closed and the concept is moving to Germany, it is being removed from the list. It will re-open as Bar Economico sometime in June 2013. February 2013.
The Waiting Room - As it is no longer owned by Neil Perry (it is now owned by Crown) and the menu has been changed substantially changed, ratings have been removed. October 2012.
Breslin Bar & Grill - Needs to be revisited so proper scores can be included. October 2012.
Manchester Press - The menu is not substantial enough to provide ratings based on my criteria. October 2012.
Station Hotel (Prahran) - Removed as it is closing in December 2012.