Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Neil Perry's Waiting Room - Leaving the Rockpool Empire

I have been advised after enjoying last drinks, management of Neil Perry's Waiting Room at the Crown Casino will be changing hands on 14 October 2012. Crown will be taking control of the space and what is certain it will become another iteration of a hotel-casino bar with no soul but just without the influence of Mr Perry and his fine food will make it a void that can not be properly filled. The staff it would appear will be matriculating to Rosetta, the new Italian influenced restaurant that is opening with the Neil Perry name on 21 October 2012 if there are no further delays.

One buys some space and sacrifices another. I do look forward to dining at Rosetta but I am now sullen that I am going to have to give up my local. As the kids say these days, #cutting

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