Saturday, 4 May 2013

Seddon Deadly Sins - Gluttony and Envy

On a recent trip out west, before attempting to experience a river cruise up the Maribyrnong River, I stopped at Seddon Deadly Sins in the proud suburb of Seddon (funny that) for the second time in my life.

Having previously enjoyed breakfast at this lively and quirky cafe, I thought it would be apt to call in for a quick lunch. Their breakfast offerings are named after the mortal sins as observed by Christians and although I really don't think that the breakfasts at this cafe will destroy the life of grace and charity within a person, the taste and indulgence of house-made flourless chilli corn loaf, served with crispy bacon (that is actually crispy), guacamole and spicy baked beans ($16.50) would lead to Sloth, which is the mortal sin this dish is named after. Like the green eggs and ham ($14.50) being named after Envy and the Spanish eggs, cooked in the house made salsa with olives, onions, parmesan, chorizo and sourdough toast ($15) named after Wrath, the cafe certainly plays on the theme well and also exercises the play on words that incorporates the suburb name into the fun.

Having experienced the Sloth breakfast offering previously which impressed me with its crispy bacon with service that exhibited absolutely no wrathful qualities, we decided on the blackboard lunch specials for the follow-up visit. I opted for the scotch filet on Turkish bread ($16.50) which was cooked fresh to order. The long black that was quickly delivered was the strongest cup of coffee that I have enjoyed in years. In fact it took about four hours to come down from the caffeine hit. I was buzzing. A damn good cup off coffee - and hot. The scotch steak was substantial and there was no fat. I was grateful that only piece of Turkish bread came with this deal as it proved to be a substantial dish.

What impressed me is how friendly service is. From the moment that you enter, you are greeted with a smile and a sense of welcoming. It wasn't fake and your mood changes after having a quick chat and deciding to eat inside, out in the courtyard or even on the street. The cafe is busy with people challenging them for takeaway beverages and even dessert however service remained consistent and I said it before and I will say it again, friendly.

I really like Seddon Deadly Sins and wish that it was more convenient for me to visit as I would return at a greater frequency if I could easily walk there. Fortunately for those in Seddon and Footscray, residents have this great cafe where I am just left to be envious.

Seddon Deadly Sins, Melbourne
Seddon Deadly Sins
148 Victoria St., Seddon VIC 3011
(03) 9689 3092
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Open for breakfast and lunch Tues - Sun

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