Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Lucky Coq - Pizza au Vin

Standing proud on the corner of Chapel and High Streets in the modest suburb of Prahran, it isn't hard to not notice the Lucky Coq. Some would consider this more of a bar that caters to many subcultures however they do have a pizza menu that is somewhat renowned in the circles that hunt out value for money.

I wasn't intending on calling into the Lucky Coq on this adventurous and pleasant day. I needed to bide some time before an engagement in St Kilda so I happened in there for the first time in over a year. Before I had found the venue to be a good meeting place before toddling off to other venues in the area, most notably Jacques Reymond, but the Lucky Coq, being so conveniently located serves multiple purposes, and as I discovered, they sell pizzas for $4. A glass of postmix Coke is $3.50.

There are roughly twenty pizzas available for purchase. Some being "special" and are not discounted. I placed an order for the "Funghi" which is a simple pizza with a tomato base, cheese and mushrooms. About ten minutes later it was delivered.

What you see on the menu, with respect to the wording, is what you get. The pizza isn't especially large - and is about the size of my Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet, just round. The sauce was applied very frugally and had little taste. The cheese also seemed to be rationed like they would have done during a Soviet winter in the 1980's. Although the mushrooms were soft and tasted like the familiar fungus should, they were indeed the standout if I am bold enough to nominate one. You are responsible for cutting the pizza also. However given that the pizza cost $4, how critical can you be? It is fine for bar food and if you are looking for some value for money.

The bar itself is designed like there was an explosion at an Op Shop and the fit-out does amuse me a bit with the merging of about four different styles from four different eras where lounges are mixed in with high tables, a pool table and of course an upstairs area which includes a small area outside for our friends that smoke and wish to endure the elements. The furnishings just makes the place a bit funny, where you can't take anything too seriously. A bit like communism in a way.

Lucky Coq, Prahran, Melbourne

Lucky Coq
179 Chapel St  Windsor VIC 3181
(03) 9525 1288
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