Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Rise of the Epicurean of Southbank

For many years now I have considered starting a blog. Knowing that my first post would only be read by my good self and the lucky others that I send the link to has always put me off a bit though and being a realist realise that I will ultimately become frustrated if it does not receive repeat visitors and positive feedback.

As my stomach and others that are fortunate enough to make my acquaintance will quickly learn  my primary hobby seems to be the appreciation of good food and alcoholic beverages in moderation of course. Over the years I have been encouraged to spew my words onto a blog since I seemingly "dine out" so often however after the Coco Roco fiasco, the last thing I want is to be sued for writing an opinion.

After moving from Sydney to Melbourne two months ago, nearly every dining experience is at a venue that I have not frequented in the past so if there was any time to start a blog and reflect on experiences in an honest and unbiased way, now is the time.

I procured an "Entertainment Book" from Ignite Gippsland thinking that would encourage me to frequent places that I normally wouldn't bother with and get outside of my comfort zone. The "Entertainment Book" can be purchased for $65 and if you want want and have it shipped to you for free, check out this link. As I continue to develop this blog, I will reflect if true value is gained from using vouchers from the book and of course provide thoughts and commentary regarding the venues.

The first goal for this blog will be to post every day for the month of July 2012. If anything I will have an accurate record of the places I have visited in the best city that I have ever lived in.

**Update on 14/07/12 - Rarely will I post the full menus of restaurants along with daft photos of wine glasses, cocktails and food on the plate. Not only do I think it is rude to dine with others and take photos in restaurants of food and beverage and subject others to the flash of the camera, I like to think that dining is an individual experience that is enhanced by conversation, ambiance, service and value for money. What I may find amazing is subjective and will most certainly differ from most and most menus (journeys if you ask MasterChef) experienced at quality restaurants are seasonal so why waste time posting photos and giving a blow-by-blow on the ingredients if they will fall by the wayside in days if not weeks. Should I find a photo that is worth posting, I will, but I can not think of anything more boring than looking at a timeline of someone's dining experience. Well, maybe someone else's holiday photos would be worse but that is another subject entirely.