Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Local (Port Melbourne) - Proper Pub and Grub

In yesterday's post on Jimbo & Rex I was carrying on that there is no longer a proper pub at the Crown Casino. Upon pondering it more, I haven't come across many actual pubs. Most have some silly theme, are trying to be something that they shouldn't and some shockingly do not even have LCD screens playing the sport.

Although it is a bit of a walk from me in Southbank, I stumbled across The Local on Bay Street in Port Melbourne not long ago. Televisions playing repeats of the EPL, Cricket and even AFL games which were contested six months ago adorned the walls. Even booths were retrofitted to have their own LCD screens playing the sport. How intimately cool is that?

The soiled green carpet and old wood panelling gives it some character however the true characters are those languishing at the bar enjoying their pints of Carlton Draught. These patrons looked like they had been there since the place started trading and it didn't look as if they were going to be dislodged any time soon.

The menu had all of the classics that you would find in a true pub. Steak, parma, pasta... but I opted for the Lamb Shank Pie: slow-cooked lamb shank in Guinness sauce with mashed potatoes and peas, topped with golden puff pastry for $23. As I knocked back my Carlton Draught, the pie was delivered to my table by the window. It was huge. I mean HUGE! I would soon find after exposing the lamb shank under the pastry that it was still on the bone which led to a serious amount of flavour absorbed by the ingredients in the innards. Another pint was ordered and I took to the challenge of consuming the beast. I lost in the end but the fight was well worth it.

Visit this place if you are looking for pub food and a relaxed atmosphere especially if you are keen to watch the sport. It is as simple as catching the tram from the CBD. Too easy.

The Local, Port Melbourne
The Local
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When I made this post originally, 77% of the reviewers on Urbanspoon liked The Local however the sample was taken out of a very small 45 votes.

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