Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fonda - Would Jane Eat The Kangaroo Burrito?

Only nine hours have passed so far this calendar month and it is already proving to be very interesting. Twitter announced that they rolling out clickable stock symbols so punters like me can stay up to date on company chatter to best explain why they are losing money. The Marriott got in contact specifically about this blog post and wants to have a chat. A mate in Sydney left me a voice mail as the sun was rising in Melbourne from the Star Casino and claimed to be up but given he was slurring a bit I wonder if the trend will continue or if he will do any work today. Overnight my computer crashed hard and after I got it to power on I learned that one of the memory modules is dead. Fantastic. When I should be thinking about a glass of juice to get me in the zone so I can successfully do what I am paid to accomplish today I am already pondering lunch and also my last experience at Fonda Restaurant.

Fonda Restaurant Richmond
Fonda Restaurant, Richmond
Much like The Atlantic restaurant and Jane Fonda, Fonda Restaurant on Swan Street in Richmond is another polarising restaurant. Yet another Mexican inspired cantina to hit the Melbourne scene, I was intrigued to try this place simply because I read mixed reviews and also some hysteria regarding a certain kangaroo burrito that they produce. Also during one of my late nights at Der Raum, the boys behind the bar suggested that I try this place since it is around the corner from their premises and open late. I suppose that if the Mexicans can grill chicken, fish, pork and steak and wrap it in a corn tortilla and effectively make a national staple product and places like Mamasita can innovate and include offerings with ox tongue and goat why not go a step further and provide people the option to consume one of the beasts on the Australian coat of arms? This is one of Fonda Restaurant's claims to fame.

After recovering from the flu a few weeks ago and feeling toey as a roman sandal after isolating myself in my unit for a few days and not eating anything with any flavour, as if in a daze, or perhaps even because I was medicated, I decided to walk to Richmond and sample the fabled kangaroo burrito. Inside a tortilla that is made fresh daily from the Abbotsford Convent bakery which incidentally seems like it would be an interesting place to visit one day, I tasted a weird concoction that nearly dripped all over my white jumper. Perhaps it is because the burrito was cut in half, maybe it was the flour tortilla (which was an excellent tortilla, but I think the kangaroo would match better with a corn tortilla) or the very mild relish that is added en lieu of a home-made salsa, it reminded me of some bizarre wrap that you would purchase at a takeway. The kangaroo itself was flavoursome but I did not think any of the ingredients that were paired with it accentuated its distinct flavour. The kangaroo was very tender and moist, evident by the amount of juice that dripped on the plate. It was like drinking non-alcoholic beer at a german boozer. Your senses expect one thing but when you digest something completely different you are left in awe. A good kind of awe though. It certainly is not street food, but a meal in itself.

Being a glutton, I also wanted to sample their fish tacos. As I reflected on in my Mamasita post I am very judgemental when it comes to these and Fonda definitely delivers. The chipotle aioli that is used to dress the fish works. I didn't think it would but I was proven wrong. At $6 per taco, they are great value for money and are actually served in a corn tortilla. A winner indeed.

There is an outdoor area which I intend to use during the summer months and a small list of alcoholic beverages prevails. Sadly since I was getting over the flu I choose not to sample any and after gorging on the kangaroo burrito I certainly felt like a shot of something but instead choose the horchata which paired well with what I had and gave me the needed energy to walk back to Southbank via the Yarra.

Fonda Restaurant, Richmond
Fonda Restaurant
Link to review
248 Swan Street  Richmond VIC 3121
(03)9429 0085
My Rating: 12/20
Service: 2.5/5
Ambiance: 2.5/5 (Includes beer garden)
Quality: 3/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Comment: Try the kangaroo burrito... interesting

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When I published this post, 86% of the reviewers on Urbanspoon liked this place. I would be back but it would be for tacos, antojitos and quesadillas.

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