Friday, 24 August 2012

A Return to The Common Man - A Continuation of Debauchery

Lance Armstrong and his single testicle has abandoned his fight against the anti-doping charges and will be stripped of his Tour de France titles. Who really cares about that silly bike race unless an Aussie wins it? It is about as exciting as watching people play golf and considering that I play that "sport" that says something. I am still upset that when Lance Armstrong was in Australia last he was campaigning for his "buddy" Mike Rann to be returned as premier of South Australia. Of all people to hold a news conference, Lance Armstrong came out with his support of "Ranny" and he doesn't even live here or can vote! Perhaps I will lend my support to Angela Merkel as I would like to think that a blogger should be taken more seriously compared to a bicycle rider but still I suspect my aforementioned support will be met with a hallow response in a tongue that I can not understand.


After the Tour de Melbourne last Friday and Saturday, I met an esteemed friend at The Common Man at South Wharf on Sunday morning for breakfast. He had been duly informed about my past injustices after reviewing my previous post about the place however we wanted to converge there simply because it was convenient and also because I have always touted it as a "fun" place.

Given the poor service and attitude in the past by service, which I reflected on in my last post, I was shocked that I could not get a word in edge-wise with my guest because service was so motivated to take our order and provide us with drink. Not one, but two people came to service our table every third minute. I could not believe the new found service levels. I could have confused it with Flower Drum with the way that the staff were so overtly attentive and it was probably not because I am attractive guy that appeared dehydrated.

After the tenth request to order, I asked for eggs benedict. What came out was perfection.

The Bloody Mary's are now $9 and they were also not only pungent (in a good way) but dressed with a stalk of celery that resembled a tree in the botanical gardens. On this venture, I never went thirsty or wondering where the floor staff were. I did not wear cologne or deodorant so they were not facinated with my smell, or probably even my good looks after the huge day and night prior during the weekend of debauchery so I can actually truthfully say that The Common Man has lifted its game. Now I will not only think of it as a "fun" place but somewhere that I look forward to visiting again for food, drink and service.

Before when I reviewed The Common Man on Urbanspoon, I didn't like it. I changed my vote which is a first. I would also encourage anyone else who did not like this place before to check it out. You will not be wasting your time and might actually have some "fun" in the process. Everyone and every place deserves a second chance.

The Common Man, South Wharf

The Common Man
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39 Dukes Walk,  South Wharf VIC 3006
(03) 9696 3774
My Rating: 12.5/20
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Quality: 3/5
Value For Money: 3/5
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