Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I don't care if Monday's blue...

One of the best kept secrets in Melbourne, well at least from I can tell because of the attendance, is the $7 cinema ticket night at the Kino Palace cinema on Collins Street. For ages this cinema was Kino Dendy but it changed hands in the recent past it would seem.

The first voucher from my Entertainment Book was ripped out before the wander to the cinema. In reality it is a rather anti-epicurean event, but I attended Maccas with the epicurean emo and received a free frozen coke after purchasing one. That is a savings of $3.25.

So a couple of frozen cokes and a tickets to see Prometheus cost a modest $17.25. It isn't bad for a night out for two in the Melbourne CBD however when it is put in perspective, which can ultimately be applied to fine dining (give me the benefit of the doubt here) is that you must mingle with the public, and the public are everywhere. There was a gentleman in the cinema that sounded like Black Caviar 300m from the post at Royal Ascot when he breathed from three rows back. People came in after the movie started and then looked like kangaroos when presented with the age old problem of where to sit. Fortunately Kino Palace does not allocate seating which is a plus. I probably added to the annoyance and discomfort of my fellow patrons as I am still in the final stages of getting rid of the flu so I coughed on occasion. Can you really have a relaxing time when in such close proximity to the public?

Punters attempted to have a relaxing time at Coda not long back however the restaurant was soon under attack by the happy couple that decided to play the old age trick of walking into a restaurant and asking if a table for two can be sourced. When the restaurant responds in the affirmative, one of the members of the party goes outside and pushes a pram in the size of a Volkswagen Golf. You may have read the recent press that the restaurant refused them service for this outrageous ploy. I am sure the diners were appreciative that they did not have to shout about how much they hate the carbon tax and the federal government over the noise of the screaming child. I would encourage everyone to support Coda and the interesting article can be found here.

After the cinematic experience and being somewhat disappointed by Prometheus, we found ourselves at the Transport Bar in Federation Square after wandering past Coda and the packed Chin Chin. I was impressed that the Transport Bar had Coopers Red on tap as that is always a favourite and also a cauldron of muddled cider on offer. A pint of the former and a serve of the latter totalled $18.50 was ordered and enjoyed in a relaxed environment.