Monday, 9 July 2012

Beppi's, Rodents and Rihanna

Beppi's in Sydney has been fined $2,640 after inspectors observed "rodent activity" to say the least. The article is here. If their claim to fame is getting Rihanna to eat there, they should do the right thing and just cease operating. Just because Rihanna has no taste, some sort of romanticised notion that East Sydney diners will visit the place like lemmings until the end of days to eat rat shit is appalling. The place barely gets into the Good Food Guide with a 12/20. Hardly a culinary landmark. Just knowing that Rihanna (likes) the place is enough to turn off any true epicurean.

After visiting the Grill'd in St Kilda last week (again thanks to an Entertainment Book voucher) I would venture to claim that their premises is cleaner and serves better food. I think Grill'd would be excluded from the Good Food Guide though because of the nature of its business. So many decent restaurants fail because of the time and cost to keep them clean whereas some dive like Beppi's continues to trade is beyond my comprehension.