Monday, 21 January 2013

LuxBite - The Unexpected Journey

People have been telling me for years that in order to live, let alone survive, you need a sense of balance. Being a hedonist, the scales are heavily tipped to my right and I will both seek out fun and live for the moment whenever I can. This ultimately leads to far too many hangovers and for the most part excessive calorie consumption. In the past I have alluded to the fact that I do attempt to go on very long walks (and recently added the occasional sprint) in order to keep some sort of fitness and also to repress my stomach as I do not want to emulate the appearance of an Oompa Loompa at my ripe and randy young age. In an effort to have some sort of balance, I incorporated my occasional long and meandering 18km wander with a few stops along the way to placate my wayward ways. The first being at LuxBite in South Yarra.

Walking to South Yarra from Southbank really isn't a big deal and it is actually quite pleasant on a sunny and warm day. Following the river past the rowers on our beautiful (sic) Yarra River and avoiding cyclists is a breeze and once you follow Punt Road to Toorak Road you will find LuxBite.

I was impressed with the very modern, bright and clean fit-out. You are immediately drawn to the desserts that that on display in a glass case, perfectly symmetrical in appearance with mirrors on the perimeter to overwhelm your senses as you are forced to choose if you are that way inclined. It would be just as easy to settle with a tea set for two ($48) which includes two finger sandwiches, two desserts, four macarons and two beverages but I had some other stops planned on this unexpected journey so I wiped the froth from my mouth and the sweat from the back of my neck and opted for some of the tasty desserts; a very attractive raspberry based morsel encased in macarons along with a banana-chocolate-toffee slice. Fortunately I did not have to indulge upon this goodness by myself but it would have been very easy to and also negate the health benefits of the walk however sitting outside with pleasant conversation, a cup of Toby's Estate coffee and watching the world go by with these beautiful desserts in a very relaxed and calm part of South Yarra is quite an indolent way to spend a lazy and late Sunday morning. The journey was not even close to being completed yet either.

There is a brunch menu ($15/each) with the highlights being the "LuxBite Pork Bun" 2 Ways - bamboo charcoal brioche bun, pulled pork, kimchi, house-made pork jerky and Kewpie but also the heart-killing "Cheese Fondue" which takes about fifteen minutes to prepare. If you are able to avoid the desserts, which is probably an impossible feat, the cheery service will happily serve you an egg on toast ($7.50) and throw in a few extras like roasted tomato or bacon for an additional $2.50/each.

Stop around to browse, indulge or just have a good coffee and whittle your day away.

LuxBite, South Yarra, Melbourne
38 Toorak Road, South Yarra VIC 3141
(03) 9867 5888
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